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Bath time by Demondbunny Bath time :icondemondbunny:Demondbunny 2 0 Toothy dragon by Demondbunny Toothy dragon :icondemondbunny:Demondbunny 2 0 funky blue lion by Demondbunny funky blue lion :icondemondbunny:Demondbunny 5 2 were wolfy wip by Demondbunny were wolfy wip :icondemondbunny:Demondbunny 2 3 icky ick by Demondbunny icky ick :icondemondbunny:Demondbunny 3 0 Nigma by Demondbunny Nigma :icondemondbunny:Demondbunny 3 8 Whole lotta tail by Demondbunny Whole lotta tail :icondemondbunny:Demondbunny 4 6 Oh dear by Demondbunny Oh dear :icondemondbunny:Demondbunny 1 0 if you see this by Demondbunny if you see this :icondemondbunny:Demondbunny 4 0 Celestia line art by Demondbunny Celestia line art :icondemondbunny:Demondbunny 1 0 I just like the mane really. by Demondbunny I just like the mane really. :icondemondbunny:Demondbunny 1 0 Into the water by Demondbunny Into the water :icondemondbunny:Demondbunny 2 0 Bondage the goat by Demondbunny Bondage the goat :icondemondbunny:Demondbunny 5 1 Doodle buster by Demondbunny Doodle buster :icondemondbunny:Demondbunny 3 3 Lil dragon ear by Demondbunny Lil dragon ear :icondemondbunny:Demondbunny 2 6 Pinky unicorny animatedy by Demondbunny Pinky unicorny animatedy :icondemondbunny:Demondbunny 3 3


Freddy K. Jr. Profile v. 3.0 by TheDavyJones Freddy K. Jr. Profile v. 3.0 :iconthedavyjones:TheDavyJones 25 25
The Consequences of Eavesdropping, Chapter 1
Harleen Quinzel was done for good this time. Sure, she had said that every single time in the past, but she meant it this time. She really and truly did. As soon as she managed to bust out of Arkham, she was on her own for good, and would certainly not go running to the Joker, and would never dream of taking him back if he came after her again. She was done with him.
Ever since she had landed here in the first place, after he had used her as a distraction to escape yet again, she had repeated that. Of course, there were some times in the first few days that she would have gone back to him with open arms if he had broken her out, saying she had done a good job helping him get away, but after a week of hoping, she knew that he wasn't coming for her. Just like always.
But unlike always, she wasn't getting back in. She was going to stay far, far away from him once and for all, and prove to the world that she was a capable criminal who didn't need him to get things done. She w
:iconxcaligula:xCaligula 9 1
Wardrobe Adjustments by brass-kettle Wardrobe Adjustments :iconbrass-kettle:brass-kettle 60 14 Ninetails fox embroidery WIP by CyanFox3 Ninetails fox embroidery WIP :iconcyanfox3:CyanFox3 47 7 Ca3342tt by everydaay Ca3342tt :iconeverydaay:everydaay 1 0
When Dorothy had sat up in her mossy couch, suffocating a cry by pressing her own small hands on her mouth, fire hadn't kept him away.
Inside that sack of straw that was the Scarecrow's head, nothing was as important as protecting Dorothy: Dorothy who had defeated the Wicked Witch of the East, Dorothy who had bring all of them along to see the Wizard, Dorothy who would have defeated the Wicked Witch of the West too, Dorothy who always said his thoughts were so delicate and didn't seem to care his head was so empty and useless instead.
The Scarecrow couldn't do very much for her; so he tried his best – he filled up with nuts her basket, he covered her shoulders with leafy blankets in the coldest nights, he made sure her pretty face was always peaceful and smiling.
And when he'd heard her cry, that small fire which Tin Man had lit up hadn't kept him from running by her side and blotting her tears away with his rough gloves.
"Dorothy, Dorothy, it's all right. You're in safety. Please
:iconrokuzfangirl:RokuzFanGirl 26 2
Dr. Syn, the Scarecrow of Romney Marsh by mengblom Dr. Syn, the Scarecrow of Romney Marsh :iconmengblom:mengblom 10 0 Dr. Syn by IanJMiller Dr. Syn :iconianjmiller:IanJMiller 9 3 Dr. Syn Sketch Dump by Snipetracker Dr. Syn Sketch Dump :iconsnipetracker:Snipetracker 20 15 Dr Syn by VASS-comics Dr Syn :iconvass-comics:VASS-comics 37 11 Scarecrow by ChrisMoreno Scarecrow :iconchrismoreno:ChrisMoreno 138 12 Dragon Raptor by PWRof3D Dragon Raptor :iconpwrof3d:PWRof3D 23 1
It Will Work Out (Riddler x Scarecrow)
Riddler sighed in anger as he continued to walk around his trap, Cash and the other guards laughing at his misfortune. The man was beyond exhausted but refused to say a word to them, well anything besides demeaning insults which their very low IQ’s more than likely couldn’t comprehend. When GCPD cops finally flooded the room Riddler barely had time to hear it was a trick before a tranquillizer dart was fired into his neck by Cash. Falling back onto the floor Edward let out a groan before he let himself fall into the abyss of unconsciousness, body going limp just as the entrance door exploded behind the cops. In the ensuing panic no one noticed as Riddler was set free and carried out, fire soon engulfing the lair as everyone ran for their lives. Slowly dragging himself to consciousness Riddler groaned, blindly reaching for his glasses as he sat up gingerly. His legs ached something terrible and his neck ached just as much, if not more so.
“Idiotic fool...” He his
:icontransformersg1fan271:TransformersG1fan271 11 16
Fear's Cure (Two-Face x Riddler)
Edward Nygma liked to think of himself as a rational man who could tackle most problems to the best of his ability. Even if the solution had him betray someone he trusted, Edward would always think of himself as a survivalist. Sad to say those very instincts were his downfall as Scarecrow took his revenge after being caught by Batman due to Edward fleeing just in time. He watched as the man strapped to the table went lax, the fear toxin now flowing through his veins turning his emerald eyes a straw-gold as his mind became affected. No longer twenty seven years old, Edward now saw himself as an eleven year old with hands clasped behind his back. He could see as clear as day the grand living room in his dead father’s home, fire crackling as a distorted version of the dead male came into view. Scarecrow grinned when the man let out a horrified scream, struggling in vain against the leather straps as his “father” picked him up and began to beat him. Edward’s screams
:icontransformersg1fan271:TransformersG1fan271 16 2
Indian Horse by excaite Indian Horse :iconexcaite:excaite 39 11 the scarecrow by helioart the scarecrow :iconhelioart:helioart 249 13



Polar by kerembeyit Polar :iconkerembeyit:kerembeyit 4,920 314



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Demondbunny here welcome to this shabby of shabby Deviant corners please enjoy yourself.
I often do freebies and such so stick around if your interested if you want.
Can't blame you if you don't want to stay
Alot of old art stuff is going into scraps as I don't want to get rid of it to show progress, I think..

But photos, screen shots and the like are going.

Hopefully will also learn how to use the new lay out and other sort out faves


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